North Korean Communists suggested armistice when they were in big trouble after marching into south Korea during the Korean war. At last, armistice was made on July 27, 1953(10 AM) ending the war of 3 years 11 months by signing the armistice agreement reaching 5 Articles and 36 Paragraphs in 9 minutes.
A 155 mile DMZ was made after signing the armistice agreement(July, 27) and both parties retreated back 2 km. Panmoonjeom became a very famous spot where armistice was made. Panmoonjeom has been called "Nulmoon-Ri", a small town on the Kyungeui-Line, 5 km south from 38 Line and 8 km east from Kaesung-City. It is possible for foreigners to visit this place and Koreans can visit here under the permission of authorities concerned. This is a live place where we can feel the pain of partition and national pains.