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 Pansori literally means songs at a place of entertainment as "pan" signifies the place of performance while "sori" means the sound.  But what exactly is a pansori? Its literal definition of songs at a place of entertainment isn't too clear.
Pansori is usually performed by two people, one person plays the drum while the other chants a song in a folk style. This song, however, is not like the songs that we enjoy today. Instead, the song resembles more of an epic or a narrative, that is quite lengthy at times, sung in a rhythmic fashion much like a folk song. As previously mentioned, one performer plays the drum or puk by using a stick to strike the wooden barrel of the drum with his right hand while pounding the drum head with his left palm.  The singer, usually holding a folding fan and a handkerchief, tells a folk tale with a combination of sori(singing), aniri(recitation), and pallim(body expressions).
The drummer provides the singer with a rhythmic pattern and various tempos that compliment th storyline and the mood of the singer.  The drummer also gives chuimsae or calls of encouragement to urge on the singer as well as to excite the audience.  A good drummer is crucial not only to the singer but also to the overall performance of the pansori.