Busuksa Temple


 Busuksa Temple was built by Buddhist Priest Uisangdaesa(see Pirosa Temple) in 676 A.D.
He was ordered to build it by King Munmu in the 16th year of his reign.  It is located on a mid-slope of Mt. Ponghwangsan. It was at this temple that the priest initiated the Hwaom order of Buddhism.    
The temple houses such Shilla Kingdom artifacts as a stone altar, stone lantern and three-story stone pagoda. It also contains
Muryangsujon Hall and Chosadang Hall built during the Koryo Kingdom.
Muryangsujon is one of the oldest wooden structures in Korea.  
The Koryo wall mural at Chosadang Hall is the oldest painting in Korea.   The only Amit'a Buddha of the Koryo Dynasty is preserved in this temple.