Seopyonje Pansori



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Bosong is the home of Pansori (traditional Korean narrative song). The great Pansori singer Park Yu-jon, born in Sunch'ang, came to Posong and perfected Seopyonje. Pak Yu-jon elevated the status of Seopyonje in the Pansori music world by creating a sorrowful melody using Dongpyonje as a foundation.
It was a notable accomplish-
ment of a man ahead of his time, able to create a sound that contained the feelings of his southern people. In the Bosong Park in Bosong-up, there is a Pansori song monument in honor of
Park Yu-jon, and in Togang Village, there is the Pansori Park. 


The movie Seopyonje made by the great artist-producer, Im Kwon-taek, opened a new era in the history of the Korean film industry and had great influence on Korean society. It made the Korean people realize the value of something traditional. It was Pak Yu-jon (1826-1906) who created the Pansori school known as Seopyonje, and
it was at Bosong that he perfected its unique melody