This pavillion was built by Nuhadang Kim Song-won in King Myongjong's
15th year (1560) in memory of
Sokch'on Im Eok-Ryong. Its structure is 2 kan front, 2 kan side with 8 jak roof. It is known that he had built another pavilion next to Shikyongjung and named it after his pen name, but it does not remain now.  
Songgang Jeong Chol wrote 'Songsanpyolgok' in this beautiful scenery of
the Songsan area, where Shikyongjong, Hwanbyokdang, and Songgangjong are all located. Here he met his great teachers of renowned Confucian scholars such as Myonangjong Song Sun, Haso Kim In-hu, Kobong Ki Tae-sung, and others.  Also, this is the place where he learned how to write poetry while socializing with other writers such as Chebong Ko Kyong-myong, Okbong Paek Kwang-hun, and Kwibong Song Ik-pil. Other writings left by Songgang include 20 songs of
Shikyongjong, 10 mixed songs of Shikyongjung, 1 song of Hadangyajwa, 1 song of Ch'ahwanbyokdangun, 4 mixed songs of Nuhadang, and many other poems and songs.