(Tangible Cultural Properties Designated Number 7 )

 Shimgokseowon was constructed in 1680, the first year of the reign of
King Hyojong, in memory of Jo Kwang-cho (1482-1519).
As a scholar and politician he was killed during the
Kimyo-sahwa (1519)
because of his radical thoughts on social change and politics.
King Hyonjong named the lecture hall, there is a shrine, two gates and
several auxiliary buildings. The shrine with a gabled roof and an ox-tongue shaped, double wing-like bracket on each capital, is particularly well preserved. The belt on the ridge of the roof was made of white plaster; a technique utilized in the construction of upper-class houses near the end of the Choson period (1392-1910).  The wall surrounding the shrine is made of rubble and the roofs of the two gates are gabled.