Sosewon was constructed by Yang San-bo (1503-1577) for a center of lyric literature as Shikyongjong pavilion and Myonangjong pavilion after his mentor, Cho Kwang-jo (1482-1519) was expelled from the government.
 A stone and mud wall encloses the garden which includes a pond, two
lovely pavilions, Kwangp'unggak and Chewoltang, which stand near the valley,
a bamboo grove, aged pine trees, zelkovas, maples and other trees.
 A log bridge stretches daintily across the valley.
The water in the pond is drawn by means of wooden pipes.  Kim In-hu's 48 poems to
Sosewon's beauty are hung in Chewoltang Pavilion.  So you can
have a good chance here to find out big diffrent between Korean garden and French garden or Japanese one.