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Terms & Conditions

Important Notice
Advice To STAR CRUISES PASSENGERS On Liability and Insurance

 The attention of passengers travelling on Star Cruises vessels is drawn to
the Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Star Cruises which constitutes the terms of the contract for carriage and provides important notice to passen-
gers. Copies of the Terms and Conditions can be obtained for free from appointed travel agents or from Star Cruises offices.

 The following advice is a summary of certain important clauses in the Terms and Conditions and is therefore not exhaustive.

 Star Cruises vessels are insured with reputable underwriters under Protec-
tion & Indemnity insurance programme, which amongst other liabilities covers Star Cruises¡¯ legal liabilities towards passengers for death, personal injury, and loss of or damage to passengers¡¯ property in the event of mishaps or accidents during the period from embarkation to disembarkation.

 Star Cruises, in concurrence with the Protection & Indemnity insurance under- writers, shall provide compensation based on proven liabilities in respect of sea carriage of passengers and their luggage as follows :-

 In the case of death or personal injury to the passengers, compensation
and / or reimbursements of medical expenses of an amount not exceeding USD70,000 per passenger in total; and

 In the case of loss of or damage to property belonging to the passengers,
an amount of USD300 per passenger or USD5 per kilogram of the item lost or damaged or USD75 per bag or piece of luggage, whichever is the lowest.

 To the extent that Star Cruises are not entitled to rely on the above compen- sation limits due to mandatory national law or otherwise, the passengers shall be bound by or avail to the Athens Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea ( 1974 ) [ as amended by the 1990 Protocol ] which prescribes certain limitation in respect of compensation for death, personal injury or loss / damage of luggage.

 Passengers travelling on Star Cruises vessels are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to provide additional protection. Such insurance could be procured from private insurance companies or arranged by travel agents, and usually provide cover in respect of compensation for losses incurred due to personal injury, including medical expenses, repatriation and compensation for delays.