Suduksa Temple



 Located on Mt. Toksungsan (495 m), this historic temple was first built in 599 by Chimyongbopsa, a revered monk, during the Baekche Kingdom and was later rebuilt by Wonhyodaesa (see Porim Temple), a great monk. Taeungjon, the main hall of this temple, was built in 1308 and is the oldest wooden structure in the country (designated as National Treasure No. 49). Located around the temple site are Iljumun Gate, Chongnu Pavilion, Kwanum Rock, Mangongt'ap Pagoda and Kumgangmun Gate. On the premises are a three-story stone pagoda which was built during the Shilla Kingdom and Kyonsongam, a Buddhist nunnery. Surrounded by lush forests and unique rock formations, this large temple is famous for its scenic setting.

수덕사 일주문

Iljumun Gate