Sunamsa Temple



 Sunamsa Temple is at the southern foot of Mt. Chogyesan and Songkwangsa.  Temple
is at the northern foot of the mountain.  
Sunamsa is a time-honored temple first founded
Buddhist Priest Ado-hwasang in 529,during the Paekche Kingdom.  
The temple is surrounded by valleys and thick foliage.  At the entrance to the temple is an arch-shaped stone bridge called
Sungson-gyo Bridge.  This beautiful granite bridge, whose foundation is of natural rock, dates from middle of the Choson Kingdom.  With a dragon head in its center, it is one of the most exquisite ancient bridges extant today.  
Two three-story stone pagodas of the Shilla Kingdom in front of the Taeungjon building also draw the attention of tourists. It is one of the temples that well preserve Buddist tradition.  Five treasures and fifteen Chollanam-do Cultural Properties are located here.