The modern world seems to have forgotten the great spirit of the Korean people. Through out their history, Koreans have had to fight for their existence. Located among China, Japan and Russia, it's fertile lands, resource rich mountains and many coastal harbors, Korea has long been coveted by others. Time and again Korea has successfully defended itself against these empires and earned their respect.

The people of Korea believe they are the descendants of Tan'gun, a mythical hero of divine origin. They have been fiercely independent and never balked at using military force to keep their land. A major reason for this is their martial prowess and the effectiveness of their martial arts. Even today, these traditional arts are still practiced and taught.

Sam Sung Goong Do Jang is a very special place in Korea. It is the training hall (DOJANG) for Sundo Mu Yea. This traditional style of Martial Art focuses not only on making excellent fighters, but also teaches the softer disciplines of controlling the mind and Ki. It is based on the teachings of the Sam Il Shin Ko, an ancient book believed to have been given to mankind by the gods.

The Sam Il Shin Ko's main teachings are controlling and developing the mind, breath control and self discipline. Through the proper development of these three qualities, it is possible to become one with the universe.



Training in Sundomuye consists of three parts:

Yea Mu (Combative Arts) :
These consist of unarmed combat, archery, swordmanship and horseback riding. It focuses on developing the body's Wei-Gong (external power and strength).

Koon Mu (Strategy and Tactics) :
Learning to use the environment, being aware of your surroundings and studying the classics of military strategy.

Ki Mu (Discipline and Ki training) :
Learning to strengthen and control your personal Nei Gong (internal energy) It is used in conjunction with Yea Mu to increase human performance and stamina.


Sundo was founded by
Master Han Bhit Sun Sa (Sun Sa is the title given to the Grand Master, it means big and bright) who passed on the title to his first student Nak Ok Sun Sa and so on to the present Master Han Pool Sun Sa.

The Sam Sung Goong Do Jang is located on Jiri Mountain in the village of Chung Hak Dong, a Korean Folk Village. This living museum is where traditional arts, crafts and values are preserved for future generations. Residents and visitors go to Chung Hak Dong to practice the principles and Ko and Cham Shun Kye Kyung. These texts also explain the values of Korean traditional culture, history and philosophy.

 It is believed that through the practice of Korean martial arts,asceticism, physical labor, meditation and the diligent study, harmony will be attained. The Sam Sung Koong martial artists train and practice these disciplines and the way of Sundo Mu Yea for their own personal development and to preserve this great art for the future.