Sungkyunkwan Academy


 Sungkyunkwan was the national Confucian academy and the country's highest educational institution teaching Confucianism.  Sungkyunkwan consists of Daeseongjeon Hall (Confucian shrine), Myeongnyundang (lecture hall),Dong (East)-jae and Seo (West)-jae which were used as dormitories, and Jongyeonggak, a library and Hyanggwancheong. There are several other halls within the compound. In front of Myongryundang Hall, there are gingko trees,which were designated Natural Monument No. 59. Every year a ceremonial ritual is performed to pay tribute to Confucius. Management Office, Tel : 02-765-0501 Transportation : From To Duration Remarks City bus City Hall Myeongnyun-dong 15 mins. Nos. 6, 8 Jeil Bank HQ. " 15 mins. No. 84 Gwanggyo " 15 mins. No. 85 City express Midopa Myeongnyun-dong 10 mins. No. 725 bus Gogyesa " 10 mins. No. 16 Subway Hyehwa Line 4, then 15 min. walk Nearby tourist spots : Nat'l Science Museum, Daehangno, Samcheong Park, Changgyeonggung Palace, Biwon (Secret Garden)