Seonwonsa Temple Site

 Historic Site No.259

Seonwon temple was built by Choe Eui in 1232 when King Gojong moved the government into Ganghwa to fight against the invasion of Mongolia.

Through the construction of the temple, Cho Eui made it a mental supporter in fighting against Mongolia and tried to retreat the enemy by the power of Buddha. Taejang-Dogam (an office established to carve all the sacred writings of Buddhism) was set up here. The famous wooden blocks for printing Buddhist scriptures known as
Tripitaka Koreana, which are now stored at Haein Temple near Daegu, are said to have been carved at Seonwon Temple.

It is believed that they were taken to Seoul in 1398 and moved to Haein Temple in 1456. Some stone building foundations are visible and shards of roof tiles are scattered about the area. Bricks with grass designs, roof-end tiles and ridge-end tiles were found during the excavations