Suwon Hwasung Fortress


Suwon Hwasung

Hwaseong Fortress, Historic Site No. 3, was built in 1794-1796 during the reign of King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty. Although it is relatively small in scale compared with Hanyangseong Fortress (65,628 pyeong, 5,520 meters high), the fortress constructed with the most advanced technology of the day was more solidly built. Unlike other structures of the age which were constructed of stones, Suwon Castle was built of bricks and with the very first Korean crane, invented by famous scholar Chung Yak-yong. This has been recognized by experts as the best structure of its kind built before the Industrial Revolution. The four gates of Paldalmun, Changganmun, Hwasomun, and Changnyongmun surround the fortress. On the Paldalsanjong Pavilion are Sojangdae, Soporu, Sonamammun and Sobukjokdae. Past Sobukgong-simdon and Jangan Park one can see Whahongmun Gate, as well as Chilgansu Stream flowing nearby. At Banghwasuryujong Pavilion, one can overlook Yongyon Pond. Suwon Hwasong Fortress was designated as new site on the World Heritage List, at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting held in Naples, Italy on December 4. 1997.