Taekyon originated over 2,000 years ago during the Koguryo Period. Taekyon is a traditional Korean martial art. Master Shin Han-Seung was registered as Living National Treasure, #76 by the Korean Government as a Master of Taekyon since 1 June 1983. Master Shin Han-Seung died in July 1987. His successor is Master Jung Kyung-Hwa who officially received the title of Living National Treasure #76.

The Masters listed above left a written history of Taekyon training. Some of the official Taekyon record books are: "Koryo Sa", "Sejong Shil Rok Ji Ri Ji", "Chae Mul Bo", "Chosun Mu Sa Young Oong Jeon", "Chosun Sang Go Sa", "Dong Kuk Yeo Ji Seung Rham","Hae Dong Jook Ji", etc... The purpose of Taekyon training today is for improved health and good concentration.

Song, Duk Gi(left)
Shin Han Seung(center)
Jung Kyung Hwa(right)

 Shin Han Seung(left)
Song, Duk Gi(right)

 Taekyon training includes: relaxation training, kicking, punching, throwing, sweeping techniques and Taekyon competition training. Taekyon training is beneficial for people of all ages.

The 4 tenets of Taekyon training passed to us from our forefathers are :

Good Health