Songhakri Village Totem Pole Ritual Ceremony



ΆΡ Origin
 It is held at Sorahil, Songhakri, Tancheon Myeon, Gongjusi. The village represented with tile roofed houses was prosperous. In the meantime it fell into dilapidation due to severe fires, diseases, and natural disasters. After thorough exhaustive research, the reason identified was that Sungribpng, a lampshaped hill 2km south of Dongri, and Sorashil were facing each other. As a means of preventing coming disaster, the totem pole festival has lasted over 500 years. It is held annually as a folk faith and folk custom.

ΆΡ Characteristics
 A stream runs between the two villages, which are designated as bride and bridegroom, respectively. There is a nuptial ceremony to wed totem poles representing the two villages. After the wedding ceremony, three cannon balls are fired to ward off diseases and bad luck. The festival includes Ssirum (Korean traditional wrestling) and seesaw board games, which are expressions of folk faith and folk games.