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Kobe, Japan

 Kobe teems with serene gardens, ponds and ancient shrines. Historical museums house myriad ceramics, artifacts and Namban - a collection of barbarian art. Kobe also hosts many festivals amidst a labyrinth of futuristic towers, skyscrapers, trendy restaurants, shopping outlets and the Akashi Kaiyo - the world's longest suspension bridge.
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Beppu, Japan

 Renowned for its natural beauty and many hot springs, many Japanese flock here to bathe in these magnificent natural wonders. See the "hells", or what is know as a collection of hot springs rising from underground. Onsen are hot spring for bathing while the non-batching springs are called jigoku. This resort town is also renowned for its cuisine and many natural parks.
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Pusan, South Korea

 Pusan is a thriving port-city known as the gateway to Northeast Asia. The second largest city in Korea is blessed with 6 magnificent stretches of beaches located in the heart of the city. At kyongju, once the ancient seat of power, witness tombs, temples, shrines, palace remains, pleasure gardens, Buddhist sanctuaries, rock carvings, inscriptions and relics from the once-mighty Shilla Dynasty. Discover a host of shopping and dining variety.
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Cheju, South Korea

 Known as 'Korea's Hawaii', this beautiful island located at the Southwestern sea of the Korean peninsula abounds with many fantasies and mysteries. Halla Mountain and the 360 smaller cones around the island offer a picturesque topographical view. See the harubang or grandfather stones, carved from lava, reputedly legendary guardians of ancient towns. The Manjang caverns is also the longest known lava tube in the world.
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