Tongdosa Temple



Tongdosa temple, one of the three largest temples in Korea, houses the sariras of Buddha.
The Buddhist Priest
Chajang built the temple in 646, after returning home from China with the sariras of Buddha. The Buddhist lantern at the temple has never been extinguished during the past 1,300 years.  Taeungjon, the main hall, has no Buddha images but an altar.  Instead, Kumganggyedan (Diamond Stairway) behind the main hall houses the sariras of Buddha.
Within the temple compound are 35 buildings including Yonghwajon, Kwanumjon, Ungjinjon and Pom- jonggak, in addition to Buddhist lanterns and pagodas.
In the vicinity of the temple are 14 Buddhist hermitages.
Tongdo temple has the most tangible Buddhist cultural properties among all the temples in Korea. Even the number of kind of cultural properties is up to 43.

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