Donghaksa Temple



 Located in Sangbong Valley, 25 km from Gongju, Donghaksa was built by Priest Hoeui-hwasang in 724, the 23rd year of the King Songdok
during the Shilla Kingdom and expanded later by Priest
Dosun-kuksa in King Taejo's reign during the Koryo Dynasty. It contains Daeungjon (main hall),a three -story stone pagoda, Samungak Pavilion, Sungmojon (an altar dedicated to the six patriots loyal to King Danjong who died for standing against Sejo, and Tonggyesa (an altar for Baek
Je-sang, a Shilla patriot).
Two kilometers north of this temple are Twin Pagodas on the site
of Chongnyangsa Temple and the Nammaet'ap Pagodas.
The Nammaet'ap Pagodas consist of two pagodas, one seven stories and the other five stories. These two pagodas were built during the Shilla Kingdom after the sculptural style of the BaekJe Kingdom. Today the temple is used as an institute for Buddhist nuns.