One of the three great naval battles that Admiral Lee lead occurred at Uldolmok.
The width of the place is about 294km, and the speed of the water is fastest in Asia. It looks like a flooded river even though it is actually sea water. It roars while soaring up and flowing downward.

 In 1592,(25th year under the reign of Sunjo) there were a lot of party strifes and trickery. On April 13th of that year, Japanese invaders on battleships crossed the ocean and arrived in Pusan. On May 3rd, Seoul was totally surrounded by the invaders. Though Chong Hejin raised a royal army and fought bravely against the invaders, he was defeated because the army was inferior in number.

 At this time. Admiral Lee lead the 12 battleships left and fooled the Japanese using the speed of the Uldolmok, with the help of the district people. A heaping straw pile was formed th pretend that they had a lot of provisions and women danced round and round, hand un hand. They pretended to have a great number of soldiers. Confused and embarrassed, the inbaders, decdibed by the trick, were buried at sea. It is said that the survival of the country is owed to Admiral Lee and cooperation of the Honam people.