Unrimsanbang1"Unrimsanbang" was the name of a studio where the painter Sochi worked in the 19th century. The name of the atelier, Unrim, which means "forest of mist," came from the misty landscape of its location, deep in the forests of rugged Mt. Chomchal. The name is also fitting for the painter, Sochi, who once wrote "A Poem for Mist and Flower."

At the atlier, Sochi raised and educated his son Misan Heo Hyong, who also painted there. This studio is also the place where the famous painter Uiche Heo Bek-ryon learned painting from Misan. Historic Unrimsanbang is further a base of Korean Nanga which produced Nanga painters for four generations, including Sochi, Misan, Namnong and Imchon.