Wawoojungsa Temple



Surrounded by the 48 peaks of Mt. Yonhwasan, Wawoojungsa Temple is located about 10 minutes' drive away from Yong-in-up. In 1975, Haewolbopsa, a Buddhist monk who had left his hometown in North Korea many years earlier because of national division, built this temple to pray for the reunification of the country.
The greatest landmark of this temple is the world's largest 3 m high,
12 m long Wabul (reclining Buddha) carved out of a huge Chinese Juniper Tree imported from Indonesia. On the site, visitors will also be drawn by the huge head of Buddha, brass ojonbul (five images of Buddha) which are made out of 30 tons of brass and which were 10 years in the making, the 12-ton Bell of Reunification, and the stone pagodas beside the stairs leading to the Nirvana Hall. On leaving the temple, the drive along Road No. 304 and then No. 392 to Sa-amji Reservoir rewards the visitors with
uncompromising views of the surrounding area.