Chosun White Porcelain















 The White Porcelain was real produced since 15C which was founded pottery place for making the white  porcelain clay after settled the ruling idea of Chosun dynasty. After that, developed the pure white porcelain on the symbolized of purity, innocence, modesty under the confucian ideas culture of 17C in Chosun dynasty.

 The Korea celadon
has appear of aristocratic which was effected by real art as a exclusive of aristo cratic class in Korea period.
The White Porcelain has unceremonious popular shape on the expression that harmonized between unceremonious beauty idea of popular and beauty idea of nobleman class. Therefore, the white porcelain and chinaware with greyish-green glaze was very close to the genuine shape of Korean culture than celadon as a representative of Chosun dynasty.
 It was real idea of beauty for Korean on meaning-

The White Porcelain of Chosun was appear particular character along with smartness, simple, dignity on the idea of aristocratic of Chosun by high regards from scholar during that time. It was meaningful expression on symbolize shape which was pine tree, crane, apricot flower, peony with remain blank. It has nature of beauty of folk with expression simply. It was settled the particular art in Chosun. It was developed to the industrial arts which was get cheerful beauty with humor and wit on the variety shape and daring change by pictorial.

 The white porcelain color was a little bit different by coated glaze, so the color has been changed by the changed era to the blue white color which was blue a little and white color just like snow, milky color like milk, grey white in initially, and also there is no any shape of pure white porcelain in inlaid white porcelain was effected by skill of inlaid celadon initially, and coated pigment of celadon to the celadon white porcelain after Japanese invasion in 1592. It was difficult to find the pigment of celadon, therefore, many various type of white porcelain were birth and extinction like iron white porcelain which was used in transition period.

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