Woonmoonsa Temple


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 Woonmoonsa Temple was first constructed in the northern foot of Woonmoonsan mountain by priest Sinsung, and then reconstructed by priest Wonkwang, Boyang, Wonung, and Ilyon in turn. The building was partially destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592, however, where there remain many temples including its main building until now.
 In the temple are 7 historical treasures such as a curious pine tree as natural
monument, and stone lamp in front of Kumdang. In addition, it has 4 hermitages like Naewonam, Pukdaeam, Chongsinam and Sariam which make the landscape harmonizing a dense forest around it more beautiful, especially, where the Five Buddhist Commandments, developed by priest Wonkwang, have been handed down which played an important role in the unification of Shilla, and Samkukyusa was written by priest Ilyon during the reign of the Koryo king Chungryon. Moreover, here is a college for
250 female priests who study Chinese classics.