Yangdong Folk Village


yangdong village2

 Yangdong Village is near the road to Pohang, 17.5 kilometers east of Kyongju city.  
At the junction to
Angang Town, the road crosses a bridge.
A small lane leads to the right, under the railroad track and directly to the village of
 In this village traditions from the
early Chosun Dynasty still remain strong and
unchanged.  However, during the past years many of the younger generation have
Yangdong Village so now the population is shrinking.
 Unfortunately, because of its proximity to
Kyongju, this village has not attracted the attention it deserves. Few people know about this village, but as a former tour guide,
I believe this village is also a very attractive stop to visit while sightseeing in and
Many Century-old homes can still be seen in this small old-fashioned village hidden from the main stream of progress. At the turn of the century there were over 300 traditional houses but now fewer than 50 remain.  Three larger traditional villas have been designated by the Korean government as Listed Treasures.
Most of these traditional houses belong to either Lee or Sohn families. Lee Eonjuk, whose pen name was Hoejae, was born here in 1491. He became one of the truly
great Confucian Scholars of the Chosun Dinasty.

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