Yeongsanho Lake


Old poets called Yeongsangang (river) as Geumgang meaning a gold river. When Yeongsan-gang meandered back and forth and the moon shined brightly, experts in calligraphy and in drawing praised the beauty of the scene.

Yeongsan artificial lake was begun to build since 1978 and was completed in method of domestic engineers. Besides, this construction work cost 1452 hundred millions won producing a sea wall of 4350 meters and linking Mokpo, Nabuldo and Yeongam together. In this sea wall, a door was installed to enable the ships of 30 tons can come in and out of the lake. So, people were free from fear of a drought and a flood.

Moreover, this sea wall provides transportation by land instead of marine transport between Mokpo and seven districts including Yeongam.
An establishment of Namhae Expressway on the riverbank made the distance between Mokpo and Gwangju closer, so those two cities became one life zone.

Moreover, the building of the lake enables scientific farming in the new land because sixteen places of pumping water and an irrigation canal were prepared. Nabuldo Sea Park was established, too.

Both Yeongsan lake and Mt. Yudal park made Mokpo an international tourist resort. And this lake also takes an central part of both marine and land sightseeing spot connecting Yeongsan lake, Gatbawi, Sea park, Jejudo, Hongdo, Mt. Yudal, Mt.Wolchul of Yeongam, and Daeheungsa. After a tourist hotel, a fishing spot and a bungalow around the mouth of Yeongsangang were built, visitors can enjoy a view of the beautiful lake. Also they can enjoy boating. Yeongsan lake has brought Mokpo City opportunities to grow as tourist resort.