Yoju pottery village 


Yoju pottery village is located 3Km away from the downtown of Yoju.
There are hundreds of factories over Ohakri and Hyunamri, Punnae-myon.
Yoju is famous for pottery as Kwangju and Ichon near Yoju.
According to "Sejong sillok jiriji", on the record of pottery from 1424 to 1432 ;
Yoju is one of main pottery places. Other records show many pottery
were produced in Yoju from fifteenth to seventeenth centuries

The history of Yoju pottery
From long time ago, Yoju is close to Seoul, so it is convenient to carry rice, peanuts, sweet cucumbers, sweet potatoes, especially pottery using the channel of Han river. Also many queens from Yoju, and there families might be help the growth of pottery, so pottery village was built naturally. According to the records from the end of Korea dynasty, it is guessed that present pottery village have existed. The reason that pottery industry has grown in Yoju is that Yoju has plenty of clay, white clay, kaoline and soon. Lately, famous potters investigate traditional ceramic art, also produce pottery using unique skills. Every March, Yoju pottery festival and other events held to show "living pottery, white chana, kaoline".