Yongduam (Dragon Head Rock)

  As a symbol of Jeju, this rock is said to be in the shape of a dragon's head.  It is located on the coast of Jeju City and is always crowded with tourists.  Legend claims that once an emissary of the Dragon King ordered a search for the elixir of life on Mt. Halla but was struck by an arrow released by the angry mountain spirit and fell into the sea. Then the dragon king turned into stone with its body submerged into water but its head reared to the heaven.
Yongyon is the lake located 200 m west of
Yongduam. It was named after the saying that Yongyon was a place for dragons playground yet later loved by ancestors for boating on the clear water and surrounding cliffs that wall the lake. It commands beautiful scene during summer night, especially, when there is the full moon shining above the lake resembling almost like fairy- land. It is known to be the best evening driving course.