Yongjusa temple



 If passing by Suwon univ. and the Yoongkeonreung, there is Yongju temple circumvented with forest. It is located at the north base back of Mt. Hwasan. Originally a temple named Kalyang temple built at the era of king Munsung 16th year(854) of Shilla had existed. Although it had been clean and famous field for training , it was burnt out when Byungjahoran war occurred and dissolved. But when king Jongjo moved the tomb of his father's, prince Sadoseja, into Mt. Hwasan, he rebuilt it as a main temple. In the evening before the completion ceremony, the king had a dream about dragon which was soaring into sky with holding a cintamani in its lips, so it was called Yongju temple.

The Hoobultaengwha(Buddhistic painting) at the main building is painted by leading of Kim Hongdo as one of masterpieces in this land. And both bronze bell in Beomjongkak(120th national treasure) and bronze bell in Sangwon temple are evaluated as masterpieces all with Emile bell in the National Kyungju Museum. And the box tree in front of the main building is aged over 200 years, designated 264th natural memorial.

The Big Bell of YongJu Temple

The Big Bell of YongJu Temple most represents the traditional Korean styles as an Koryo bell than any other ones.
  On the top of it, there is a tone pipe and dragon shaped hanger. And we can find respectively the
'BiChun' on the front and rear side of the body, and 'Sam Jon Sang' on the both sides, which takes such a shape as they fly over the sky with clouds.

yongjusa bell