Yoong & Gun rung royal tomb



Yoong & Gun rung is located mountain 1-1, Annyoungri, Taean-eup, Whasung-gun, Kyounggi-do. Yoongrung is the royal tomb of prince Sado(1735-1762) and his wife, and Gunrung is the tomb of king Jungjo(1752-1800) and his queen.
There is a dense pine tree forest, so a lot of people visit here.
King Jungjo was dutiful to his parents. Especially he tried to recover his father's honor, because his father was dead in the rice-chest when he was 28 years old. Yoongrung was moved from Mt. Baebong in Yangju-gun. King Jungjo had visited Gunrung several times a year, and he cried to pity his father, prince Sado.