Daerungwon Royal Tomuli Park



Because this area has more than 20 large and small tombs from the Shilla period, it has been made into a park called Tombs Park. These tombs are presumed to be those of kings and court officials.

The dimensions of the tombs vary; some are as small as 10 m in diameter while others are as large as 120 m; the heights range from less than 1 m to 23 m. Most of them are earthen and mound-shaped. Some are double-gourd-shaped for the joint burial of a husband and wife. As those excavated were all found to be stone-piled wood-lined chamber type, most of the tombs here are presumed to be of the same type.

One of the tombs is thought be that of King Michu (r. 262 - 284), the 13th king of Shilla. A 7th-generation descendant of Kim Alchi, Michu was the first Shilla king to come from the clan Kim founded. During his 22-year reign the king led Shilla to become a powerful country, and defended it from an invasion by the neighboring Baekje Kingdom. Tradition has it that after his death, when the country was under attack, troops of soldiers with bamboo leaves in their ears appeared out of his tomb to repel the foreign invaders. The tomb is thus called Chukyonnung or Bamboo Soldier Tomb.  

 During the excavations of Cheonmachong Tomb, or the Heavenly Horse Tomb, and Tomb #89, a double-gourd-shaped tomb, numerous artifacts including a gold crown, gold girdles, gold and silver personal ornaments, horse fittings, and weapons were uncovered, all of which attest to the advanced culture of Shilla. Cheonmachong Tomb was made into a museum to reveal how it was excavated with imitations of the uncovered artifacts placed in the positions in which they were found. Tomb #89 was restored to its original shape.

During the making of Tombs Park, a number of ancient tombs buried underground were investigated. These included not only stone-piled wood-lined chamber but also jar-coffin tombs, stone-lined chamber tombs, and tunnel-type tombs which reveal the various burial methods of Shilla.


Cheonmachong  Chunmachong