#10  Andong Hahoe folk village, Tosanseowon shrine 1N2D

 1st day :  Hahoetal mask museum

and performance, Hahoe folk village,
Byungsanseowon academy & shrine

in the wonderful harmony with

mountain & river.

 2nd day : Bongjungsa temple(682A.D)

with the oldest wooden building,

Tosanseowon academy & shrine,

Bonghwa Yoogi (traditional Brassware)

workshop, Booseoksa temple (676A.D)

in the peaceful scent.

     *Departure : 08:00AM.3 July at Korea exchange bank                    
                        in front of  "Kangnam" subway station

     * Transportation : Tour coach

     * Accoommodation : Poongki park hotel

     *Cost(per person) :  Won 139,000 (DBL)

                                    Won 125,000 (TPL)

                                    Won 110,000 (4PAX)

                                    Won 169,000  (SGL)

     *10% D.C for child, student (including graduate)
       and repeater.


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