Dasanchodang Shrine



 Designated as Historical Site No. 107, this house was a place of exile for Jung Yak-yong (1762-1836, his penname was Tasan), one of the greatest scholars of 'Shilhak' (pragmatic learning).  He spent 18 years in exile, including 8 years outside the east gate of Kangjin-up and then spent 10 years in Dasan annex, where he devoted himself to teaching and writing.

Of his more than 500 scholarly works, three books -
Kyongseyup'yo and Humhumshinso - became very famous, as they provide great insight into his patriotic thoughts and views.  The original house where Jung used to live was worn down, but Tongam (east) and Soam(west) Houses have been constructed in his  honor around the Dasan Chodang(a thatched cottage). Ch'onilgak Pavilion and a pond are nearby.

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