#66. Southern Province Food & Folk Festival (1N2D)

Oct 28 08:00 Departure-K.E.B(Korea Exchange Bank) Kangnamyok subway station Exit No.6  
Sat                                 Line No.2, Green color / *Two stops at the Svc area en route

             13:00 Arrival & tour of the Nakanupsong fortress folk village (1397 AD), the main
                     site of the
Namdo Food Festival including 108 thatched roof traditional houses
                     and walking tour of the fortress
             14:00 Free at leisure at the food & folk festival - Open food market, Temple food,
                     Various collection of the Southern Province food (taste and learn) with folk
                     music & dance performances
             18:30 Transfer to
Kwangju Grandprix Hotel
             19:30 Accommodation at the Hotel (Free transportation service to Down town)

Oct 29 07:00 Breakfast at the Hotel
                gasa_sosewon.jpg c01_01_01.jpg songkwangsa9.jpg      

08:00 Transfer & tour of the Sosewon pavilion park (16th century)
              09:30 Transfer to
Songkwangsa temple (Head temple of Chokye Zen order,
                       13th century)
              10:20 Tour of the temple including Buddhist temple, stupas, pagodas and
                       shrines, etc...
              12:30 Lunch at the local restaurant
Sanche-jungsik, various mountain vegetables with rice)
              13:30 Transfer to Seoul
              18:30 Arrival at Seoul
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Fee/Person : \149,000(DBL), 139,000(3PAX), 129,000(4PAX). 179,000(SGL)
*20% DC for
Camellia Culture Club Members & 10% DC for children, students(including
graduates) and who have joined Parandeul culture tours in the past
*Other meals, interpreter, transportations (Train, Airplane, Taxi & Rent-a-car)
  and Extra stay available upon request.