#21  Namdo Food & Culture Festival, Backryonsa
       Temple Zen Meditation, Muwisa Temple

Oct 23  08:00   Departure  - K.E.B (Korea Exchange) Bank
Sat        Kangnam Subway station Exit #6    Subway No.2 Greenline
             * Two stops at the Svc station - No lunch included
           13:00  Arrival at the Nakanupsong Folk Village
           14:00  Tour of the village Folk Museum, Art Gallary,Thatched
                     Roof Houses, Stone Wall. etc                                              
           15:00  Southern Province Food Competition & Exbition and
                     Special Food Collection
           16:00  Folk Music & Dance performance
           18:00  Dinner at the village restaurant
           19:00  Transfer to Kwangju Grandprix hotel

Oct 24  07:00  Breakfast at the hotel
Sun      07:40  Transfer to Kangjinkun county
            09:00  Tour of the Mr. Jung, Yakyong's Exile place(19th
                      Century Confucian Scholar)
            10:30  Tour of the Backryonsa Temple(839 AD) including
                      Stupa Park, National Camellia Forest
            11:30  Zen Meditation Experience with Monk
            12:00  Lunch at the Temple
            13:00  Transfer & tour of the Muwisa Temple(617 AD)
                      including Oldest  Wall Paintings(617 AD)
            14:20  Transfer to Seoul
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* 10 % D/C for childern,students(including graduates) and who have joined Parandeul                  culture tours in the past.