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#53 Mt. Chirisan NAT'L Park, Choonhyang village,
      Songkwangsa temple & Nakanupsong fortress
      folk village (

Jun 17 08:00 Departure-K.E.B(Korea Exchange Bank) Kangnamyok subway
Sat             station Exit No.6  / Line No.2, Green color 
*Two stops at the Svc area en route / * Lunch not included

          13:00 Arrival at Namwon city and drive up to Mt. Chirisan National Park

          14:00 Stop at the Jungryongchi and Baemsagol, a crystal clean water valley

          15:00 Transfer to Namwon city

          15:30 Arrival and tour of the Choonhyang village, the stage of the Pansori
                   movie "Choonhyangdyun"

          16:30 Tour of the Kwanghanlu pavilion (15th century)

          17:30 Dinner

          18:30 Dongpyunje pansori, Taepyongso ensemble, Modern folk song and
Modern Korean classical music performance sponsored by Namwon

          19:30 Transfer to hotel (Kwnagju Grand Prix Hotel)

Jun 18 07:00 American Breakfast at the hotel
08:00 Transfer to the Nakanupsong fortress folk village (1397 AD) which
                   consists of 109 inhabited thatched roof houses

          09:00 Arrival and tour of the village including 109 inhabited thatched roof
                   houses, open market and museum

          10:00 Transfer and tour of the Songkwangsa temple, head temple of Chokye
                   Zen order (13th century) including stupa park, bamboo path, shrines,
                   pagodas etc

          12:00 Lunch at the local restaurant

          12:40 Transfer to the Kwangju Mangwoldong Cemetery

          13:30 Tour of the 5.18 Democratic Movement Memorial Cemetery

          14:30 Departure for Seoul

          19:00 Arrival at Seoul


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Fee/Person : \149,000(DBL), 139,000(3PAX), 129,000(4PAX). 179,000(SGL)

*10% DC for children, students(including graduates) and who have joined Parandeul
  culture tours in the past