--- Songkwangsa Temple, Pansorisong, Sunrise 1N2D ---

anib13.gif Dec 31 / Sun

08:00 Departure-K.E.B(Korea Exchange Bank) Kangnamyok subway station Exit No.6 
                          Line No.2, Green color / *Two stops at the Svc area en route
12:30 Arrival at Songkwangsa & lunch (
13:30 Tour of the
Songkwangsa Temple (Head temple of Chokye Zen Order)
15:00 Transfer & tour of the
Nakanupsong Folk Village (108 thatched inhabitants houses,
         pavilions, folk museum etc...)
17:00 Transfer & check-in Gwangju Grandprix Tourist Hotel
18:30 Dinner at the hotel (Mushroom
19:30 Free Transfer to Downtown, Kumnamro (10 min)
         Accommodation at the hotel

anib13.gif Jan 01 / Mon

06:30 Transfer to Yoolpo Beach at Bosung county
07:30 2001 Sunrise at the beach
08:30 Breakfast (Green Tea
Ddukuk or Sea Shell Jeongol)
09:30 Transfer to
Namwon, City of Love
11:00 Arrival & tour of the
Gwanghallu Pavilion Park (experience various New Year's
         Folk Events
13:00 Lunch (Namwon
Hanjung-sik, 43 side dishes)
Special Pansori & Music Performance or Choonhyangchon village tour
15:00 Transfer to Seoul
19:00 Arrival at Seoul  /
Tel:(02)878-3977 or 3988 / Fax:(02)871-1924

*Payment : CHOHUNG BANK ACCT #955-01-004446 (PARANDEUL)
*Fee/Person :
\139,000(DBL), 129,000(3PAX), 119,000(4PAX). 169,000(SGL)

*20% DC for
Camellia Culture Club Members & 10% DC for children, students 
  (including graduates) and who have joined
Parandeul culture tours in the past