#61. Kanghwa Island (Day Tour)

Sep 24 08:00 Departure-K.E.B(Korea Exchange Bank) Kangnamyok subway station Exit No.6  
Sun                                Line No.2, Green color  /  Lunch included

kwanghwado historic hall1 historic hall4            

            10:00 Arrival & tour of the Kanghwa Island historic memorial hall

jundungsa4 jundungsa3            

              10:40  Tour of the Sunwonsa temple (built in 1232), the home of the Tripitaka Koreana          
              11:30 Transfer & tour of the
Jundungsa temple (381 AD) including shrines, pagodas
              13:00 Lunch (Pork barbeque with rice)
              13:40 Transfer & tour of the
Dukpojin Modern School museum
              15:00 Tour of the
Daemyung port fish market
              16:00 Transfer to Seoul
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Fee/Person : 69,000
*20% DC for
Camellia Culture Club Members & 10% DC for children, students(including
  graduates) and who have joined Parandeul culture tours in the past